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Top 10 Games like Clash of Clans

other games like clash of clans

Top 10 Other games like Clash of Clans: Clash of Clans is the amazing strategy games in the history of mobile games. It makes $1,728,552 USD per day  with 109,659 daily installs estimate, 5,588,999 daily active users. In the game you lead clan to victory, fighting  rival clans. Building your army of Barbarians, mighty Dragons, Wizards, Archers and other great fighters.  Players can build and expand their kingdom, defending from enemies, and much more. Players can join to  gather other players to from the ultimate Clan or fight them and win amazing gifts. The size of the games is just  50 MB, current version is 7.1.1, requires iPod/iPhone/iPod/Android. You might be looking for some other  games like clash of clans.

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Here are top ten other games like Clash of clans



In the list of  games like Clash of Clans, Castle Clash ranks 1st. Play it once and get addicted. In the begging a series of tutorials guides you how to manage resources though constructing building and your own army of imaginary creatures, leading them to the glory, the more you have resources the more you are powerful. Castle clash let you to have a battles in these in nine different ways Raids, Monsters, Heroes Trial, Team Dungeons, Torch Battle and Realm, Dungeons, Challenge a Boss, Hero Expeditions beside these this game includes Hero system and magic systems where you can hire heroes that are used in the same manners like other troops and spell the magic on your troops to heal them or on enemies to destroy them. Drawback of this game is it requires internet connection.

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Samurai Siege

Samurai siege is another game like Clash of Clans. One of the amazing and marvellous games, This game got Player’s Choice Award and  Tabby Award, this game is in Japanese style setting, In the game you have  to build great army that includes Samurai, Ninja, Dragon, Mongol and other great warriors to fight  against evil shogun. You can also go online and join other player from all over the world. This game is much easy to understand, it is faster then other strategy games you don’t have to wait for the troops to trained, If you want to be a successful player in the game, the combination of your troops should includes great and powerful weapons, cannons made for building destruction, ranged weapon users, dragons healers and others like Ram Commander. Before playing the game do not for get to take help from guides, Campaign Walk-through and Strategy guides.

alternative to clash of clans

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 Shadow Kings

A Shadow king is best games like Clash of Clans, developed by Goodgame studios. This games graphics is amazing and cool. You can also play this game online through your pc,  in the game you need great army to protect the citizens against the orc. Just like other strategy games you have to manage the resources through production house and build up powerful army to defend and attack the enemies. The game is divided into three parts, Economic, Military, City management. Under the Economic management you have to collect stones, wood, and foods. Under the military management you have to build up you army. In City management you have to apply taxes on the citizen and collect more gold. The graphics and design is fantastic and amazing. It is really fun to play.

other best games like clash of clans

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