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How can you leave out Adobe out of the equation when you are talking about photo editing and effects? Adobe has dominated the industry for decades now with its brilliant image editing software for desktop. Adobe Photoshop has set the standard for image editing software and many tried to dethrone Adobe but it still rules supreme over image editing industry.

Continuing the good work, Adobe has launched a brilliant photo editing app for free which tries to do the same on mobile devices as Adobe Photoshop did on the desktop and it has pretty much succeeded in achieving the goal. There is a brilliant auto fix feature for corrections. You won’t get many filters to play with and advance options that other similar apps offer. It is best you touching up your photos.



Most of you might be bit surprised to see twitter at the top of the list of the sites like instagram. It might looks strange to many readers but the truth is that twitter comes very close to instagram in filters and surpasses instagram with its social networking community. It is one of the best instagram alternative. Twitter iPhone app tried to add similar filters and photo features as on instagram.

sites like instagram



This website is more like Instagram, having all the features such as photo effects, nappy photo shooting  and all the lovely , cool filter which 17iqo5ooj54gojpgcan be applied on photos. This Instagram alternative also has caption features before sharing your photos. Thus enabling the users to give caption to photos before they are shared on twitter , facebook and other platforms.

Hipster  has more then twenty filters with an amazing Geo tagging features, you can basically tag your photo with its location. Once you join their app, you can have a look at the map , showing you people near you, sharing their photos and stuff. This website have a network behind the scenes , thus allows users to see photos , like, follow and share.

I would really like to recommend this app as an alternative to Instagram. Hipster app is available both at android store and apple store.


17iqo5smrl69djpg This is another addictive and amazing app, where you can take a picture of different things and earn badges  by editing these pictures. There numerous filters and effects which can be applied to photos. The theme of the  app is basically converting your image into a sort of game that gets addictive , once you use the application.  Operation on the social network is much like twitter , @ can be used for users profile taging etc.
Your photos are all converted to circles, rectangle, tilt sizes of different variates.Besides this you can crop, edit  and share your photos , using your app both on Ios and Android. Grab the app and start this amazing  Instagram like app.


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