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  • Jason Kidd

    Centralpoint, unfortunately, is not as popular as a lot of these
    other Sharepoint alternatives like alfresca, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress,
    ect. However, Centralpoint is a much more dynamic CMS than Sharepoint
    or any of the ‘popular’ Content Management Systems. We can use
    Centralpoint as a CRM with our internal employees, and use the
    intelligrid to track calls, make dynamic contracts, and the gamification
    suite tells management who is doing what with whatever point system
    is defined. On top of that, we can make online forms that make sign-able
    pdf’s right there to ship. It’s a pretty cool workflow station. I’ve
    never seen an easier system to customize modules with. I can add a
    few lines of xml in the module designer and the module now has the
    fields & functions for me to call within the page. Then I use a CP
    script to reference the field for display, and it’s there and
    functioning…display, search, syndication, forms management…all in a
    shot. Every moment I shave off my day in speed I can use to innovate the
    system vs. maintain the train.

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