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  • David Pearson

    Check out It’s brand new, so there is still some things going on, but you can import from ebay or amazon, it’s free to list as much as you want and the selling fees are much lower.

  • Dum Spiro Spero

    Dum Spiro Spero (Dot World) dot com is sooo yesterday, lol, is a new marketplace platform for people who sell new age and metaphysical services such as angel card readings and goods like candles and crystals, plus downloadable mp3’s can be sold and mp4s too. Check us out, we are looking for sellers to list their items. There are no listing fees and listings don’t expire! Once we have enough sellers we are going to advertise the site. To find out more please visit us at

  • Michael K

    Not sure if I can post this here, but… Remove it if I am not allow to…

    No, it’s NOT about BEST alternative, but rather, NEW alternative…

    I have a new FREE auction site that is similar to E-bay, except that, you don’t pay anything unless your item sells(fixed 1.2% final value fee no matter how much you sold your item for), and upgrades(extra category, bold, homepage feature), and FREE store for up to 250,000 items. We also, recently installed the new feature, where you can directly import your E-bay listing by a click of the mouse(though it’s in version 1, and update is coming in about a week or so, which will fix some bugs we have, though it’s working). It just celebrated the first birthday on December, though we don’t have many members yet, with just over 1,200 items, but if anyone’s interested, please join us. url is: and help make us grow…

    Thank You.

    -MIke K

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