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TOP 5 GAMES LIKE GTA:Grand Theft Auto, one of the most popular game around the world has set the standard for others to follow. If you are bored of finishing the series many times then it is time to check out some other alternatives. Even though, not as popular as GTA, but some of the games like GTA will give you a pleasant surprise.

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Here are some of the best games like GTA online



The Saint Row series comes as close to GTA as you can ever come. Although it looks more comical and light as compared to GTA but follows the same open world style that made GTA so popular. If you are looking for some refreshing change but not moving away from the main philosophy then Saint Row series is for you.

There is no shortage of vehicles and weapons, which means that you are free to enjoy the open world game in your style. If you do not like the characters, you can customize the characters visual appearance too. GTA lovers will feel right at homes with Saint Row series. It is a must play game for all GTA fans who are looking for something different.

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When you compare Red Dead Redemption with GTA, you will find many similarities and many differences. The open world style of the game is similar to GTA while Red Dead Redemption is set in Wild West and relives the past years of 1911. There are few random events which might surprise few gamers and adds value to the game. You can also indulge in optional activities. There is a morality system in place which gauges your honor throughout the game. This game made a name by making it to many best games of the year lists.

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Calling it a series might be wrong because it only contains 2 games, Mafia and Mafia 2. It is quite similar to GTA when it comes to game play but its early 1900 setting make it stand out from GTA. Mafia came closer to GTA Auto but GTA had the last laugh. Mafia 2 lived up to the expectation and hype created by its predecessor. Both games received acclaim from gamers all over the world and provide gamers with something new to gamers. Deep and engaging storyline, excellent gameplay and visual make it one of the best alternatives to GTA.

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Sleeping Dog is a recent addition to the list of games like GTA and open world adventure games. It is set out in Hong Kong instead of Wild West. If you have played True Crime, then you will feel at home because it borrows quite a lot of things from that game. Gameplay wise, GTA, Sleeping Dogs and True Crime is same but this game focus more on hand to hand combat and provide a cover system to players. You can progress at your own pace in this game. There is lot in store for new gamers so, it is time to explore Hong Kong from a different perspective.


Available on wide range of platforms, Gun will take you to the lawless west. Get your hands on the gun and discover the open world environment along with many side missions just like GTA. Earn money by doing activities or completing side missions and buy new weapons or upgrade existing weapons, which makes it a better role playing game than even GTA.

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Whether you prefer shooting, sneaking or playing around with bombs, this game will keep you engaged. It is all about vengeance, according to the storyline. You acts as Carlton White who have lost everything and now looking for some redemption. It might be a brutal game but bring a lot of fun to gamers who are used to such stuff.

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